The Market Entry Fund (TMEF) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2019, to enable equitable participation in the market place by traditionally marginalized and underrepresented entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of food production and manufacturing, by providing needed scholarships and supports that will help them enter and compete better in the market place. To further that mission, The Market Entry Fund provides the following program services: 

1) Consultation on business planning, development, and start up supports 

2) Branding & Marketing – branding & promotions across cultures and market segments 

3) Go-to-Market & Market Access – cover the cost of logistics and facilitate access to consumer shelves in different markets and get better margins. 

4) Price Structuring – coaching, setting realistic, competitive consumer prices and maintaining it. 

TMEF partners with expert organizations and individuals to offer the above services and address challenges in the market place. Food producers are growers/farmers as well as manufacturers who take the farm goods and turn them into value-added goods.



specific services

Start Up Supports

Tailored services ranging from business planning,  business development, connections & other start up supports. 

Branding & Marketing

Consult and design support to promote business brand and products across cultures and market segments 

Go to Market Strategies

From cost-sharing opportunities to product pricing, this support comes in the form of coaching and micro-grants to get ready-for-market products quickly to consumer shelves.