The food supply chain is complex and complicated, and there are many organizations and individuals working to address challenges at the global level. TMEF’s objective is to tackle specific and local obstacles within our reach – one of those being low margins for local foods. Small, local producers work long and labor-intensive hours to produce food for us, and they deserve better margins than typically available if they are to be sustainable. TMEF seeks innovative approaches to help local producers minimize the cost of getting their goods to local markets, while increasing the overall pricing for their goods. This is where the Co-Retailing Award Program comes into play. It is the first year this Program is offered and we expect to not only enable a handful of producers to go to market with higher margins for their goods, but we plan to use this as a learning year. 

Purpose of the Award Program: To help local food producers test their products with co-retailing by paying the cost for a select group of food producers to join co-retailing, which gives producers all of the retail sales proceeds from the sale of their goods, while managing the retail logistics and administration on their behalf. TMEF will work with Seasoned Specialty Food Market (Seasoned) as its operational partner. Seasoned is the first in the state to test this new grocery model called co-retailing – whereby, Seasoned – the grocery store – handles the sales logistics, such as staffing, location and promotion for food products, while giving back 100% of sales proceeds to the producer. While still in its early stages, this new grocery concept at Seasoned has served more than 30 local food producers since March 2018.

Benefits of the Award: Each food manufacturer who is selected will get the following benefit for up to 12 months, starting around November 2019: 

1) steady, consistent, year-round retail shelf for a pre-determined quantity of product(s), 

2) retail staffing for those product(s)

3) online and other promotion for those product(s) 

4) sales reporting and tracking and 

5) all of the retail sales proceeds from the sale of those product(s).  

2020 Co-Retailing Award Application will be opening soon!

Download the 2019 Sample Application Guide and Questions for guidance.  There is no template for this application, but be sure to review the submission format in the 2020 Application Materials when that becomes available.

Co-Retailing Award Program Guide-Final10.5.19 (pdf)


Co-Retailing - Application Questions-Final10.5.19 (pdf)